Dimensional Inspection In MES Aluminium 3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine, Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument, Coating thickness measuring device and 2-D Measuring Machines are used for dimensional inspections.

Mechanical Tests Tensile tests and Hardness measuring are performed within the structure of the laboratory under the supervision of qualified inspectors.

Microstructure Analysis Microstructure Analysis is fulfilled under metal microscope after preliminaries completed through the instrument of Bakelite mounting press and Modular specimen preparation system.

Chemical Analysis Chemical compositions of all the aluminium alloy billets are analyzed by quality entrance inspectors with spectrometer in the laboratory of MES Aluminium. Internal surface contamination of high pressure cylinders are tested to ensure the optimum hydrocarbon rate with the use of testing furnace, stove and subsidiary laboratory equipments.

Non-Destructive Tests Essential non-destructive tests are performed by means of Liquid penetration test unit, Ultrasonic test device and Electrical conductivity measuring machine. Inside neck area of high pressure cylinders are controlled by Boroscope periodically in all cylinder production lines. Hydrostatic pressure, Burst and Fatigue Tests Each produced high pressure aluminium cylinder tested in Hydrostatic pressure units which are fully equipped with high precision electronic controlling and recording systems. Burst and Fatigue tests of cylinders are verified by numerical controlled burst and fatigue test unit.